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With foundations going back to 2012, See No Equal is the brain child of Sovereign Tugz. An independent record label based in the West Midlands. We take pride in our authenticity and independence, which is why we aim to keep everything in done in house, from the creation all the way down to the distribution. With Tugz operating as executive producer on all projects and releases, and our own team of producers cooking our hottest beats, theres no mistaking the S.N.E sound!


To book any of the artists involved send an email to


Whos involved?


Sovereign Tugz



Not only the founder and executive producer of the label, Sovereign Tugz (previously known as Thugz SNE) is also a recording artist with a pen game to be respected by all! His content comes uncensored and his vivid lyricism can paint a picture that leaves listeners feeling like they are actually there living through his music. With authenticity and independence (which he labels as his Sicilian Soul) being two of his most important and respected traits, you won't have to look far to see the influence this has throughout the label as a whole. With over 10 years of mastering his craft, learning the game and laying solid foundations, Tugz is now ready to bring his vision to the world!

Hire Sovereign Tugz as your recording or Mix engineer (Subject to availability). Click here for more information.


Just Dan Ennit



Just Dan is the pride of SNE, a singer with such a unique and unmistakable voice that you will love his sound from the second you hear it, so much so that other artists are constantly reaching out to be blessed with hooks and features. As much as he shines as a recording artist, you have to come and see him live to truly appreciate the Just Dan experience. 


Error The Producer



Error is our very own in-house, multi genre producer. With various styles in his repertoire Error is constantly cooking, providing the instrumental ingredients needed in our kitchen. As well as making beats for the label Error is making a name for himself as a production-tutorial based content creator in the Youtube world as well as providing other beat makers with custom made sounds and libraries that they can build from also.

Farooq Got Audio



As the longest serving SNE producer, Farooq is a music producer currently making waves in the Bhangra scene. Adding his own unique flavour to classic sounds from the east has boosted his audience across TikTok and Instagram as popular theme music for challenges and dances. His production is not limited to this though, his catalogue is diverse and he has shown time and again that he can cater to all styles and genres.